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GTcardio (GT) is a merger of GoldTech Sino,Ltd, HK, a SaaS AI in healthcare company, with LeFeng Medical, Shenzhen, a healthcare devices developer and manufacturer. GT combines SaaS AI algorithmic and medical knowledge in the cardiovascular field with LeFeng’s hardware development and manufacturing facilities. GT provides end-to-end solutions for Continuous Healthcare by providing wearable watches, rings, and smart garments combined with a mobile app and cloud services for analyzing collected remote monitoring data and converting it to hemodynamic graphs and proprietary Health Maps.

Meet the Team

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your business grow

Ehud Baron

Chairman, President, and CTO

Ehud Baron, MD D.Sc, Chairman and President of GoldTech Sino, Ltd., HK and Shenzhen, Israel, and US.

1975 – 1995 / served as university professor and researcher in Tubingen University, Germany; Aalborg University – Institute of Electronics Systems, Denmark; Zurich Kanton Spital; Bazel Hoffman La Roche, Switzerland; Technion – Israel Inst. of Technology; UC Berkeley and Stanford University. Research topics included physiological models for muscle motor units, sleep inducing medication and automatic sleep stages, Parkinsonian tremor and motion signal analysis, cerebral blood flow, aacro, and microcirculation. Worked with pioneers in AI on machine learning in UC Berkeley using fuzzy sets and fuzzy control and at Stanford University working on backpropagation algorithms for neural networks for cerebral blood flow and motion signal analysis. Founded and ran several AI companies in Israel, Silicon Valley and Singapore using machine learning for motion patterns and cardiology models.

2009 / Got a grant from GCIC, Cleveland Clinic to develop non-invasive cuffless continuous estimation of hemodynamics for critical care in the CCU and OR. Recently converted to end-to-end solution development, including a combination of a bracelet or wireless ring with cloud-based analytics for continuously predicting BP and cardiac output 24 h/day during daily life. This reflects his concept of “Continuous Healthcare” that is 24/365, is non-obtrusive, and provides a Health Space where users and doctors can see the position of the user in the space, their target zone, and alternative paths to the target that represent different interventions or treatment.

Tony Teng

COO and current CEO of the Chinese manufacturer

Tony Teng has an engineering background. He has extensive knowledge and rich experiences of product development, manufacturing, supply chain management, and cross-function team management. He set up China offices and led teams to run the Asian operations of several UK and US-based companies in the past 20 years. He and his team successfully launched thousands of SKU’s of a new product, ranging from medical and health care, consumer electronics to home appliances greatly accelerated the globalization and branding for HoMedics, Jam Audio, House of Marley, Taylor, Sharper Image, Walgreens, Hunter, Xerox, and Lexmark, etc. He also founded a few Chinese manufacturers for parts and products. Now he turns to collaborate resources to create smart products and services to make people’s lives healthier and easier.

Bezalel (Bez) Arkush

Partner acting as Chief Commercial Officer

Bez Arkush is a visionary serial international entrepreneur, for whom creating innovative products and companies is part of his DNA.

Over the last 30 years Bez has developed numerous products in the interactive education and simulation market, toys, books, and Internet-based social environments. Some of his strategic business partners were companies such as IBM Consumer and Educational division, Disney, Meredith, The Learning Company and others.

In the last 8 years his focus shifted to health, wellness, and fitness products focusing on creating improved quality of life mobile devices. Alvio is a mobile platform that provides an innovative solution for improved breathing.

Ronjon Nag

Executive Director

Ronjon Nag is a Stanford Interdisciplinary Distinguished Careers Institute Fellow. He has deployed artificial intelligence systems for mobile devices over three decades, working on AI at Cambridge, where he received a PhD in Engineering; at Stanford, where he was a Harkness Fellow in the Department of Psychology; and at MIT, where he received an MS.

He received the IET Mountbatten Medal at the Royal Institution for his contributions to the modern mobile phone industry.

Companies he has co-founded or advised have been sold to Motorola, BlackBerry, where he held Vice-President positions, and Apple. He is currently an advisor to numerous high tech companies and a Visiting Fellow at the Stanford Center for the Study of Language and Information (CSLI).

Shay Winter

Senior Algorithms Developer

Senior algorithms developer with expertise ranging from communications and biological signal processing to machine learning.

Graduate of IDF “Talpiot” elite technological officers program and veteran of the IDF 8200 technological unit.

Lead developer and a team player with excellent interpersonal skills.

Ofer Danino

VP GTcardio Saas

Ofer Danino is VP of Software as a Service. He is also leading projects in the Technion – Israel Inst. of Technology, Electrical Engineering faculty, SIPL lab for signal processing and AI.
Serves as president of MIW, an international business development firm for entrepreneurial Israeli companies. Ofer developed Robo-physics, an educational methodology for teaching science and other advanced engineering combining robotics and machine learning.

Ofer is also a serial entrepreneur:
2004-2008  /  Founder and marketing vice-president of PineApp, an information security company that protects 6000 companies throughout the world, including large banks, insurance companies, and government offices;
2002-2004  /  Vice president of Otzar – Customer sector management tools;
2001-2002  /  Senior R & D at Epen – electronic pen;
1998-2001  /  Founder and CEO at SyncPal, in the cellular industry;
1990-1998  /  Founder and vice president of Way2Call – TVtel, one of the first internet projects in the world;
1984-1990  /  Founder and manager of SPI electronics – Oren, computerized word processor.

Ofer Danino is a graduate of the Technion, and has a B.Sc & M.Sc degree in Education & Electrical Engineering.

Liu Jun

CTO of Lefeng Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Liu Jun is an electronic and software expert. He developed the earliest EMS/Tens technology in China and is still focusing on new product development and innovations. He is familiar with all kinds of electronics product, solutions, supply, and associated manufacturing processes.

He founded a solution company and later an electronics facility in Shenzhen. He is continuously using his expertise to drive the product development cycle activities to make the design robust and in compliance with quality, customer and regulatory requirements.

Huang Aijun

President of Lefeng Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Huang Aijun started his manufacturing plant more than 20 years ago.

He never stopped looking for new technologies and innovations to prompt opportunities into a real business in different areas such as precision metal, new energy automotive, health care and bio-medical, etc.

Douglas Herrington

Director of Regulatory Affairs

Douglas has over 20 year’s experience as a Global Director of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance for both medical devices and consumer products.  Having P&L responsibility he provided strategic and tactical leadership to executive management for regulatory compliance and quality assurance.

He has extensive experience with new product development and for securing FDA and State approvals that allow exploiting marketing opportunities, and for on-time delivery to customers like Wal-Mart, Walgreen’s, Rite Aid, CVS among others.

Douglas has consistently strove for and achieved ever improving product quality levels and cost reduction resulting in multi-million dollar savings, and improving Supplier regulatory compliance. He has significant international experience developing and implementing ISO based quality systems that are right sized for the company, and that ensure on-going regulatory compliance and quality improvement.

Manufacturing plant


Thomas Sydenham (1624-1689)

GTcardio’s mission is to reduce arterial aging and related chronic illnesses
(heart attacks, strokes, dementia, erectile dysfunction and more)

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