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Research Intern 


  • Currently enrolled, or with equivalent experience,  in an advanced degree in Computer Science, Statistics, Biomedical Science,Biostatistics, Applied Mathematics, Operations Research, Economics, Natural Sciences or a related technical field.

  • Experience in one area of computer science, e.g., Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Algorithmic Foundations of Optimization, Quantum Information Science, Data Science, Software Engineering, or similar. Experience in signal processing is a plus.

  • Experience with one or more languages, including: Python, R, MATLAB, C/C++, Java or similar.

  • Some level of experience as a researcher, including internships, full-time, or at a lab.

  • Experience contributing research communities or efforts, including publishing papers in major conferences or journals.

  • Ability to speak and write in English fluently and idiomatically.

  • Ability to design and execute a research agenda.

Participation in the internship is open to all, but preference is given to those who are local to the Bay Area/California. This is a remote job. Program requires that you are reasonably available during business times in PST (California) time zone. 


About the job

Join us for a 12-14 week unpaid internship that offers personal and professional development. You will be working closely with the founders to explore novel technologies that could save lives. You will have the opportunity to present your work at conferences. You might also stay connected to your research roots as a contributor to the wider research community by publishing papers. We will consider part time (minimum 20 hours a week) and fulltime, understanding that you may have conflicts with your studies. 


You will work on a strategic project, critical to the company needs,  that involves data collection, analysis, prototyping and testing. You will use currently available technology in machine learning and AI. You will interact with the entire GTcardio team, which is located worldwide. 


Upon successful completion, this internship can transition into a full time job. 

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