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Sensor Module

The GTCardio sensor module solution is a fully integrated hardware and software solution.

The GTCardio combined Sensor Module watch is a complete solution for anyone developing a wearable device. The sensor module can be used in any device that has contact with the skin and will allow for accurate and continuous hemodynamic measurements.

Combination Blood Pressure and Sensor Watch

The GTCardio combined Blood Pressure and Sensor Module watch is an all-in-one platform for continuous health monitoring.

The watch includes the GTCardio sensor module combined with an inflatable blood pressure cuff built into the watch strap. The watch will automatically calibrate the optical blood pressure sensor allowing accurate and continuous hemodynamic measurements.

Product Features

Respiration Rate

Number of breaths taken per minute

Pulse Rate

Number of heart beats per minute

6 Degree of Freedom motion sensor

Tracking steps, calories, and sleep

BP estimation

Continuous estimation of blood pressure

Skin Temp

Temperature of the user’s skin


Check heart rhythm and electrical activity

Total body Bio

Impedance-Total body composition

Total body water

The percentage of water in the user

Estimated Hemodynamics

Estimate the volume of blood being moved in the body

Cardiac Age Estimation

Estimate the age of the user’s cardiovascular system

Features & Benefits

FDA Approved

HIPAA Certified

Does not require External

Measure Ongoing
parameters in real time

Set threshold and get
notified when breached

Hardware, software &
algorithm Solutions

Easy to use, reliable &
accurate wearable solutions