GT Cardio Hardware

GT Cardio Sensor Module

The GTCardio Sensor Module solution is an integrated hardware and software solution.

The solution provides ongoing monitoring of more than a dozen health parameters:

Continuous SpO2
Respiration Rate
Pulse Rate
6 Degree of Freedom motion (steps, calories, etc.)
Continuous BP estimation
Skin Temp (Est. Basal temp.)
Bio-Impedance (Total body)
Total Body Water
Estimated Hemodynamics (Cardiac Output, Stroke Volume)
Estimated Cardiac Age
Future: Glucose trending

GT Cardio Combination Blood Pressure and Sensor Module Watch

The GTCardio combined Blood Pressure and Sensor Module watch is an all-in-one platform for continuous health monitoring.

The watch includes the GTCardio sensor module and an inflatable blood pressure cuff built into the watch strap that automatically calibrates the optical blood pressure sensor, allowing accurate continuous hemodynamic measurements.

GT Cardio LifeClip™

The GTCardio solution is an integrated Hardware, AI and Software offering.

The GTCardio FDA approved Blood Pressure wrist-based and Clip offers the first wearable blood pressure measurement solution without a need for external calibration.

The solution provides ongoing monitoring of hemodynamic parameters.

Monitoring Solution

Oxygen saturation (SpO2)

Blood pressure (ongoing)


ECG (2 or 3 leads - Coming soon)

Skin Temperature (Coming soon)

Stress (Coming soon)

Cardiac Output (Coming soon)

Body Composition (Coming soon)

The GT Cardio platform is a HIPPAA compliant server and can be integrated into clients’ systems by offering an API to their systems.

The GT solution is perfect for home care and remote monitoring, nursing homes, clinics, and medical facilities.

It will allow us to decrease readmission rates and increase healthcare services. Continuous Blood Pressure measurements and additional Hemodynamic parameters are done on the cloud using GT Cardio AI cloud-based algorithm.

Features & Benefits

FDA approved device

HIPAA certified server

Does not require external calibration

Measure ongoing parameters in real time

Set thresholds and get notified when breached

Hardware, software and Algorithm solution.

Easy to use, reliable and accurate wearable solution


Thomas Sydenham (1624-1689)

GTcardio’s mission is to reduce arterial aging and related chronic illnesses
(heart attacks, strokes, dementia, erectile dysfunction and more)

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