Ronjon Nag

Executive Director

Ehud Baron, MD D.Sc, Chairman and President of GoldTech Sino, Ltd., HK and Shenzhen, Israel, and US.

1975 – 1995 / served as university professor and researcher in Tubingen University, Germany; Aalborg University – Institute of Electronics Systems, Denmark; Zurich Kanton Spital; Bazel Hoffman La Roche, Switzerland; Technion – Israel Inst. of Technology; UC Berkeley and Stanford University. Research topics included physiological models for muscle motor units, sleep inducing medication and automatic sleep stages, Parkinsonian tremor and motion signal analysis, cerebral blood flow, aacro, and microcirculation. Worked with pioneers in AI on machine learning in UC Berkeley using fuzzy sets and fuzzy control and at Stanford University working on backpropagation algorithms for neural networks for cerebral blood flow and motion signal analysis. Founded and ran several AI companies in Israel, Silicon Valley and Singapore using machine learning for motion patterns and cardiology models.

2009 / Got a grant from GCIC, Cleveland Clinic to develop non-invasive cuffless continuous estimation of hemodynamics for critical care in the CCU and OR. Recently converted to end-to-end solution development, including a combination of a bracelet or wireless ring with cloud-based analytics for continuously predicting BP and cardiac output 24 h/day during daily life. This reflects his concept of “Continuous Healthcare” that is 24/365, is non-obtrusive, and provides a Health Space where users and doctors can see the position of the user in the space, their target zone, and alternative paths to the target that represent different interventions or treatment.