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GTcardio provides an end-to-end solution for remotely monitoring, analyzing and presenting your Health Position on a Personal Health Map. Our MediTrack mobile app can show users in real time analyzed physiological data collected from a wearable. Data pushed to a cloud server is analyzed using GT’s proprietary algorithms to produce Personal Health Maps (PHM). PHMs can show your real-time position in the Health Space, how your is health improving or deteriorating following interventions like taking medication or supplements, increasing physical activity, eating healthy food, getting enough sleep, and reducing stress.

Unique Software as a Service for Healthcare and Lifestyle Support

GTcardio SaaS system

Our software allows wearable manufacturers that can provide a good quality PPG signal, or users of GTcardio wearables, to send a PPG file with user details, such as gender, height, and weight, to our cloud service and get back analytics computed using our proprietary algorithms.

Personal Health Map

Graphs of Systolic and Diastolic BP

Sequential Pulse Shapes for Various Activities in Time, with Interpretations

GTCARDIO MediTrack App

MediTrack – Real Time app for hemodynamics with life expectancy and physiological age. Option for health insurers: computing discounts for following a healthy lifestyle.

Hardware Products

Your Personal Remote Monitor

Based on a Analog Devices (ADI) chip set, this watch measures a range of  physiological data in real time, such as a multi-wavelength photoplethysmograph (PPG), electrocardiograph (ECG), oxygen saturation in peripheral circulation (SpO2), skin perfusion and temperature, galvanic skin response, bioimpedance allowing body composition estimation, hydration, cardiac output estimation, and motion sensing.

Analysis, Analysis, Analysis

Analysis of the PPG signal provides parameters such as continuous blood pressure, continuous cardiac output, stroke volume, and vascular resistance. These are summarized and visualized as a position on a Personal Health Map that traces changes in your Health Position as you go through the day and following any intervention.

Hemodynamic Graphs Over Time

Data collected 24/7 from wearables like a watch, bracelet, ring, or smart garment is analyzed to provide graphs of changes during the 24h period. You can see, for example, a decrease in BP during sleep and a BP surge after you wake up. The period around time you wake up is the most dangerous, as your BP can rise quickly, increasing the risk of events such as heart attack (acute myocardial infarction) and stroke. The analysis also helps in detecting essential hypertension, fluctuation in diastolic BP (shown to be an independent risk factor), and fluctuation in BP during physical activity, an effect of anti-hypertensive medication. The combination of tracking both BP and ECG simultaneously, together with monitoring SpO2, hydration, and  long-term and phasic stress levels (GSR), provides excellent tools for telemedicine and for maintaining self-awareness of your health any place and any time.


Pantented BpoC Technology

Smart wearable device for monitoring cardiac health

Optimized Algorithm

Algorithm based on big-data analysis and machine learning for accurancy

Smartphone App

Android and iOS app for data visualization and cloud connectivity

Integration With Cloud

Seamless integration with, google Fit, and Samsung S-Health

Analysis & Reporting

Realtime data transmission, analysis and reporting in the cloud

Alerts & Notifications

24×7 monitoring, alert generation & notification services

Data Visualization

Smartphone & Web UI for data visualization & reporting

FOTA & Calibration

Automated algorithm update and data calibration capability

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Thomas Sydenham (1624-1689)

GTcardio’s mission is to reduce arterial aging and related chronic illnesses
(heart attacks, strokes, dementia, erectile dysfunction and more)

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