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Extending life with  

continuous cardiovascular care

Changing lives with every beat

GTcardio's mission is to help people reduce vascular age and minimize the risk of cardiovascular diseases

At GTcardio our goal is to provide every person with the knowledge of their cardiovascular health every second of their life. 

We are focused on developing technologies to optimize total wellbeing,  improve longevity and prevent cardiovascular diseases. We do it by solving the problem of hypertension,  by continuous hemodynamic monitoring, and assessing for personalized and optimal treatment to reduce vascular age.

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Transforming how you take care
of your heart

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GTcardio's proprietary hemodynamic analysis delivers personalized data to patients, researchers, medical staff continuously , non invasively anytime and anywhere.

Our  (CALM™) platform  is the most advanced solution to measure, address, and prevent cardiac diseases.

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