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    Leading the Continuous Health revolution by the ONLY ABPM watch that is FDA(OTC)/CE medical/CFDA approved. Adding Continuous Hemodynamics, SpO2, ECG and BIA

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GTcardio Mission

GTcardio’s mission is to be the leader of the Continuous Healthcare revolution with digital health, wearables, and AI.

Leading the Continuous Health revolution by the ONLY ABPM watch that is FDA(OTC)/CE medical/CFDA approved. Adding Continuous Hemodynamics, SpO2, ECG and BIA.

Healthcare is starting to transform from snapshot medical examinations done in hospitals and doctor’s offices into
Continuous Healthcare – Any Place, Any Time.

GTcardio provides an end-to-end solution, from wearables (such as watches, rings, upper-arm bands, chest patches, and smart garments), through connectivity and cloud-based analytics, and resulting in summarizing the huge amount of data with graphs and visualization of the user’s health status changes on a Personal Health Map.

Through this GTcardio provides payers (health insurers), providers (hospital and doctors), Big Pharma, enterprises interested in protecting their employees’ health, and general users with the ability to manage their health continuously.

Continuous Healthcare

GTcardio provides Continuous Healthcare through continuous and non-obtrusive monitoring of physiological parameters. Today healthcare is based on spot measurements in the hospital or doctor’s office. We want to lead the revolution of Continuous Healthcare that’s available any place, any time.

Health Maps

Personal Health Maps visualize the position of a user in the Health Space. The position is affected by various interventions like medication, supplements, physical activity, sleep, relaxation, healthy or unhealthy food, toxins, and air pollution. With Personal Health Maps, users and doctors can create strategies to navigate into the desired target healthy zone.

End-to-End Solution

GTcardio provides an end-to-end solution that starts with wearables, like watches, rings, and smart garments for acquiring signals. Signal data is pushed to a cloud server for analytics and converting huge amounts of physiological data into a summarized visualization called a Personal Health Map. GT can provide a complete turn-key solution.

Unique AI and Machine Learning

Our proprietary algorithms combine supervised and unsupervised learning. Our unsupervised learning employs fuzzy clustering of the measurements and generates a Health Space for supervised model-based learning of prediction parameters, like blood pressure, cardiac output, and endothelial function.

How it works

The BP Pulse Shape

The BP pulse shape is composed of an ejected blood forward wave and several reflected waves.

By analyzing the pulse shape, we can determine the type and intensity of the heart contractility, as well as estimate the amount and nature of the vascular resistance of the arterial tree.

Interventions like physical activity reshape the BP pulse waveform to reflect a better and more healthy cardiovascular system.

Feature extraction

Each BP pulse, as sensed by a photoplethysmograph (PPG), is analyzed and features are extracted.

Features include amplitude, width, and timing of various components that together represent the pulse in an N-dimensional feature space.

These features are the building blocks for the continuous BP and other parameter graphs and the Health Maps.

Converting data to clinical knowledge

The continuous acquisition of many physiological parameters, combined with the feature extraction, creates a huge amount of data. This data in itself is of limited value, as doctors are already overwhelmed by a huge amount of information, so adding to it might lead to an increased burden on the healthcare system. GTcardio’s most valuable contribution is to convert this huge amount of data into clinical knowledge that can be visualized in a way that is easy to explain to patients and that supports the doctor’s decision making and results in big savings.


Thomas Sydenham (1624-1689)

GTcardio’s mission is to reduce arterial aging and related chronic illnesses
(heart attacks, strokes, dementia, erectile dysfunction and more)

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