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About Us


GTcardio's mission is to help people reduce vascular age to minimize the risk of cardiovascular diseases

Using our proprietary CALM™ bio-sensing platform,  GTcardio continuously monitors key hemodynamics indicators,  including blood pressure, Sp02 and cardiac output,  to provide a complete view of the dynamics of blood circulation. 

GTcardio's technology is based on single-site photoplethysmography (PPG) readings, which involves measuring the volumetric pulsations of blood in tissue; these pulsations are associated with the arterial pressure pulse. PPG readings can be integrated into wearable devices. 


This technology can be used in a variety of clinical settings, including intensive care units, emergency departments, outpatient clinics or general wellness. – We are researching its applicability across multiple fields including longevity, neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer's), chronic diseases, and metabolic disorders (diabetes). 

Leadership Team

Executive Team


Ehud Baron, MD D.Sc is  a former university professor and researcher at institutions such as Tubingen University, Aalborg University, Technion Institute  has worked on diverse topics such as muscle motor units, sleep medication, motion signal analysis, Parkinsonian tremor analysis,  and cardiology. He collaborated with AI pioneers at UC Berkeley and Stanford University, developing fuzzy sets and backpropagation algorithms for neural networks. Dr. Baron also founded and managed several AI companies, utilizing machine learning for motion patterns and cardiology models in Israel, Silicon Valley, and Singapore.

Ehud Bar On
Founder and President

Dr. Veronese has more than 15 years of senior management experience in Artificial Intelligence solutions for Telcos, IoT,  and Fin-tech, most recently as SVP at Thales, leading AI research and customer innovation. She held executive positions at HP, leading customer success  for the $1B digital security and information management line.


She is the founder of several startups in AI, data networks, and high-frequency trading. At IBM, she worked on the design of the first parallel computer.  Dr. Veronese was a research professor of mathematics at the University of Utah. The Silicon Valley. CIO Magazine nominated  Dr. Veronese as one of the most inspirational Women in Tech.

Silvia Veronese
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Dr. Ronjon Nag is an inventor and entrepreneur. He is Adjunct Professor in Genetics in the Stanford School of Medicine and Visiting Fellow at the Stanford Center for Language and Information . He is founder of the R42 Institute which invents, informs and invests. He has won the 2021 IEEE-SCV Outstanding Engineer award, the IET Mountbatten Medal, and the $1m Verizon Powerful Answers Award (for Bounce Imaging where he is Chairman). He is a founder and advisor/board member and part owner of some 80 AI and Biotech start-ups. His companies have been sold to Apple, BlackBerry, and Motorola.

    RonJon Nag 
Executive Director

Senior algorithms developer, with expertise ranging from machine learning to communications signal processing to biological signals.
Graduate of IDF "Talpiot" elite technological officers program and a veteran of IDF 8200 technological unit. 

Shay Winter
Head of Analytics 
Advisory Board

Advisory Board 

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A veteran of Fortune 500 enterprises and co-founder of three Silicon Valley startups, Anja has guided the evolution of companies and their products, taking companies public, repositioning enterprises, and managing development teams, clinical trials and partnerships. Anja’s successes have enabled four companies to sell themselves or their product lines to larger corporations. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of South Carolina and a certificate of International Trade from the University of Paris, Sorbonne.

           Ronjon Nag 
Christopher Crump
Tim O'Malley


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